A budding start to a new vintage

The onset of budburst brings a smile to any vignerons face.
We wait out the winter, taking time to catch up on the maintenance required to get us ready for the spring, but we are constantly living in anticipation of the new vintage season.

The 2018 wines start to take shape from now. With the natural balance of the vineyard determining the ultimate balance of our wines, we are at the mercy of the weather and natural elements.

The greatest risk to vines at this time of year is frost. With fresh new buds on the vines, we do what we can to keep them healthy and protected. Our Vineyard Consultant, Maris Feldgen keeps a close watch on the forecast as he does most of the year, and will implement a series of frost protection measures should we need it.

The best protection we have is our vineyard. It is positioned favourably to receive good airflow and ventilation all year round and at a height where any water drains quite quickly and easily. We also work to keep the grass cut as short as we can between rows to reduce the ability for frost to settle across the vineyard.

Last spring proved quite a challenge to all vineyards across the region as we had extended rain periods and cooler than normal temperatures. Nevertheless, our fruit developed beautifully and proved to survive the conditions particularly well, as demonstrated in the flavour and structure of our 2017 wines, which of course are yet to be released.

We will be sure to give you another vineyard update in December, when we hope to have a vineyard laden with grape bunches and warm even temperatures to set us up for a brilliant vintage late in the summer.