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Warramunda Estate Fortified Viognier 2015
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The Punchy and intense upfront with sweetness, there is a silken apricot and tangy marmalade that melds with the richness brought by the added spirit.

Deep, rich and a brilliant gold in colour. Fragrant and ripe oranges, candied ginger. The palate runs long with a generously warm and sweet coating, and a complex nutty, rancio finish.

Winemaking Process

The fruit was left on the vine to naturally ripen and dehydrate in the long and warm Indian summer of that year. The hand-picked grapes were brought into the winery close to 18°Baume, where they were destemmed, crushed and allowed to soak with what little liquid there was overnight. The following day this must was then gently pressed yielding a small amount of a wonderfully sweet and flavoursome juice. This was then allowed to start a natural ferment in tank. Once almost half of the sugar had been consumed, the wine was fortified with a neutral fortifying spirit and barrelled down into seasoned French oak barriques. After four and a half years of aging and concentration in barrel, we are thrilled to present this special little number.

A small quantity of Viognier was planted on the hard mudstone clays of Warramunda’s north-facing hillside. Each year, our Viognier decides what it wants to be and we intuitively follow.

Variety: 100% Viognier Clone: Condrieu (Rhone) Year Planted: 2000
Harvest Date 14th April, 2015 Residual Sugar 15g/L
Baume at Harvest 16.0 Degrees Alcohol 16.5%