Vineyard Notes

Winter 2016

Winter 2016

Some might find winter the most difficult time of year. In the vineyard, it’s one of the most essential.

The cooler weather, prompts the vines to close down and become dormant. During this time, the vine reduces its water levels and conserves energy to avoid freezing and injury to established or growing cells, helping the vine to survive frost or snow.

Activity in the vineyard focuses on soil and drainage improvements and when the time is right, hand pruning of each vine.

We have again delayed pruning this year with the aim to delay budburst. After we prune the vine, any hint of warm weather can prompt the vines to respond. Some varieties respond earlier than others, so the time we prune is important.

The period of budburst to flowering and fruit set is a delicate time in the vineyard. High winds, intense rain or hail can reduce the number of bunches and grape yield. Our intention is to prune later to encourage later growth and development in the vine, reducing the impact of extreme weather conditions when the warm spring weather arrives.

Typically budburst occurs first week of September in the Pinot Noir block followed by the Viognier, Marsanne, Syrah and then the Cabernet Sauvignon.

The changes in our pruning system have paid in dividends as the 2016 vintage wines are excellent. Converting each vine to the arch-cane pruning system has improved the evenness of budburst, shoot growth, canopy density, sunlight exposure and helped to encourage even ripening.

Our focus at Warramunda Estate is on making wine which reflects the characteristics of the fruit grown on our Coldstream vineyard. The work over winter to improve the performance of our vines, only enables us to make better wines with balanced structures, strong varietal aromas and wonderful flavours to share with lovers of good wine.

A striking, moody time of year, we invite you to visit our cellar door on Maroondah Highway where you can taste wines from our site, take in 180 degree views across the pastures, vineyards and mountain ranges of the Yarra Valley and appreciate the beauty of winter in Coldstream.