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The philosophy at Warramunda Estate is simple yet absolute – to produce wines which reflect our love for the land and our passion for excellence. The name ‘Warramunda’ – believed to be Aboriginal for ‘tomorrow’ – aligns with our enduring vision of managing a sustainable, productive vineyard. We produce wines which truly reflect the natural expression of the site and provenance of Coldstream in the Yarra Valley.


Warramunda 酒庄的理念简单而又绝对—对于葡萄酒的酿造要反应出我们对这片土地的热爱和对卓越葡萄酒的热情。Warramunda一词是土著语明天的意思,这与我们对于建立可持续发展的葡萄园的理念异曲同工。我们酿造的葡萄酒真切的表达了雅拉谷冷溪地区的特色与风采。

The name ‘Warramunda’ – believed to be Aboriginal for ‘tomorrow’



A visit to Warramunda Estate is a visit to our home. Our small cellar door is an extension of our family house, where you’ll get to meet Robert, Irene, Liv and our four-legged friends, Layla, Ralph and Dita Von Pussycat.






Warramunda 家族


The Warramunda family is Warramunda Estate’s wine club. Our subscriptions give you total control over wine selection, providing a truly personalised experience.

Our packages aim to introduce new wine club subscribers to Warramunda Estate, as well as offering our more seasoned wine enthusiasts an unforgettable affair.

Share your wines with family and friend’s and immerse yourself in our winemaking history.







The Warramunda family is Warramunda Estate’s wine club



Purchased in 2007 with a goal to embrace the region's unique geology, we began our work of planting new, and tending to already established vines, including Chardonnay , Viognier, Marsanne, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot and Petit Verdot and produced our first Warramunda Estate vintage in 2013. The wines exceeded our expectations and enabled us to establish a strong course - signature, handcrafted wines, which reflect our site, our skill and the quality of our fruit. In 2014 our Cellar Door opened and we began welcoming guests into this extension of our family home. We welcome you to take your time, enjoy a glass of wine and order from our food menu while enjoying the sunshine and our beautiful valley vista. The future and the passion we have for Warramunda Estate is bright. We hope you continue to come with us on the journey.








We make Warramunda Estate wines to reflect their terroir – the distinctive place in which they are grown, Coldstream. The work we do in the vineyard is imperative to reflect and respect the earth in which the grapes are grown. Covering some sixty-five acres, the vineyard consists of Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon plantings. In 2015, we converted 23 rows of Cabernet Sauvignon to include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot, which are blended along with the Cabernet Sauvignon to make our Warramunda Cabernets a Bordeaux style blend.


Warramunda Estate practises sustainable viticulture which combines the practice of organic and biodynamic philosophies. We focus from the earth to the vine primarily managing the microflora that exist in the soil. Our soil consists of layers of sandy loam, sedimentary rock, sandstone cap followed by more sedimentary rock then finally clay. The microflora mainly exist within the sandy loam which is at the surface. We focus on planting organic materials such as rye & clover (cover crops) which is worked through the sandy loam (compost), promoting high levels of worm activity and creating a high-quality balance of microflora.


We rely on only natural rainfall which also delivers a balance throughout the growing season. All vineyard management processes are determined by the Lunar Cycle which outlines four three-day periods called flower day, fruit day, root day and leaf day. Throughout the lunation cycle the moon passes through four phases – New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter. The number of days between each change of phase can vary from 6.75 to 8. All vineyard management processes such as pruning are determined by the Lunar Cycle.


Our focus on canopy ensures that we have a balanced ratio of grapes to foliage, creating the right amount of energies driven into the development and ripening of fruit. This process confirms that we have the exact balance between sugars and acids at harvest.

The vineyard’s canopies are protected throughout the growing season with the use of natural sprays such as Bordeaux Blend (Copper Sulphur). We strictly use no insecticides which, aside from being better for the environment, also promote a diverse selection of beneficial insects that eat all the predatory pests and insects. Each step provides the perfect balance to grow super premium grapes.


Our vineyard team spends a significant amount of time tending to each vine in each block to ensure the vines are healthy and reflecting their natural growth patterns to produce fruit of optimum quality. The culmination of each of these small and melodic steps is to produce an output that is both unique to the individual style of the wine that we are creating while reflecting the distinctive terroir of Warramunda Estate. These are benchmark wines which are true to the characteristics of Coldstream in the Yarra Valley, strong varietal aromas, wonderful flavours and soft balanced tannins.




The Yarra Valley is one of Australia’s most renowned cool climate wine regions. The mild, temperate climate of warm summers, crisp winters and generous winter and spring rainfall create the ideal environment for producing premium wine grapes. Our northerly aspect ensures our vines receive maximum sunshine exposure which is essential for balanced grape development and vine growth.


Much of the estate straddles bedrock composed of sedimentary sandstone and a series of sub and topsoil. The soil is relatively acidic yet porous providing favourable drainage and the position and attributes of the vineyard are idyllic for the varieties we grow. The vines are north-facing and on a downward slope, providing essential drainage to the flats of the Yarra River. We are just a short distance from the Warramate Hills which provide a natural screen from the elements, alongside other well established winery neighbours such as Yeringberg, Oakridge, Coldstream Hills and Yarra Yering. All of these elements combined create a unique and ideal setting for cultivating superior grapes for outstanding wines.

葡萄园的土地大部分都有沉积岩和在其上层与下层的土壤。这些土壤相对的偏酸但是多孔,非常适合排水。葡萄园的选址以及属性非常契合我们所种植的葡萄品种。葡萄藤朝北并种植在向下的坡道上。对于排水至关重要。我们离Warramate 山丘不远,它为我们提供了天然的屏障。我们周边有很多盛名的酒庄,如Yeringberg, Oakridge, Coldstream Hills和Yarra Yering。这些所有的元素组合在一起,非常适合生长出顶级葡萄和酿出出彩的葡萄酒。




Warramunda Estate’s wines appeal equally to the learned wine connoisseur as well as those new to the art and science of wine. The wines are bursting with personality and drink very well now yet will also cellar well if you choose to do so. The grape varieties we grow are befitting to our vineyard’s location and we are proud of the fruit expression we accomplish in our wines. Our focus is to trust our intuition and connection to place, perfected through our experience and tempered with the assurance of skilled winemaking knowledge. Our winemaking team including Liv, craft our wines through a careful selection of fruit while also monitoring each vat and barrel of wine before crafting the final blend.

Warramunda 酒庄的葡萄酒吸引了学识渊博的葡萄酒鉴赏家,以及葡萄酒艺术家和科学领域的人。酒庄的葡萄酒个性洋溢,即时饮用就非常美味,但是如果你选择窖藏几年再拿来喝会更让你有惊喜的美味。我们为葡萄种植选择合适的的葡萄园。为葡萄酒中出色的果味而感到自豪,酿酒师们相信自己的直觉,通过他们丰富的经验以及酿酒知识来保证葡萄酒的质量,我们的酿酒团队包括丽芙,通过精心挑选的果实来酿造葡萄酒,并从葡萄的采摘到酿制都实施了非常严格监控。

Having our fingerprints on every stage of the winemaking process is very important to us, so all Warramunda Estate wines are made from exclusively estate grown fruit. The wines are naturally fermented utilizing wild yeasts from the vineyard and no chemicals are used throughout the winemaking process. We adopt methods such as 'Carbonic Maceration' which enhances textures, aromas and flavours, with very deliberate treatments of French oak barrels.

纯手工的酿酒过程对我们而言非常重要,因此所有Warramunda酒庄的葡萄酒均采用自己的葡萄果实酿造,同时使用野生酵母进行自然发酵,在整个酿酒过程中不会使用任何化学物质,我们通过使用'Carbonic Maceration' (二氧化碳浸渍法),通过对法国橡木桶的精心处理,从而来增强葡萄酒的质地,香气和风味。



The philosophy at Warramunda Estate is simple yet absolute – to produce wines which reflect our love for the land and our passion for excellence. We produce wines which truly reflect the natural expression of the site and provenance of Coldstream in the Yarra Valley.

Warramunda is truly terroir-driven, and guests often remark that they can pick a Warramunda wine whenever they try one. This is because we embrace the unique qualities of our site and celebrate the natural expressions of each vintage.

Warramunda 酒庄的理念简单而又绝对—对于葡萄酒的酿造要反应出我们对这片土地的热爱和对卓越葡萄酒的热情。这与我们对于建立可持续发展的葡萄园的理念异曲同工。我们酿造的葡萄酒真切的表达了雅拉谷冷溪地区的特色与风采。


We produce wines which reflect our love for the land and our passion for excellence



Liv Zak Wine is the daughter label of Warramunda Estate, first established in 2015 as an outlet for Liv (daughter of Warramunda Estate owners Irene and Robert) to showcase the varieties and styles she is most passionate about.

As with the Warramunda Estate Wines, Liv Zak Wines adhere to the principles of biodynamics and organic philosophies using grapes primarily sourced from the Warramunda Vineyards and a select few other vineyards that follow the same viticultural beliefs.

Liv believes vines that are tirelessly attended to following these philosophies along with old-world winemaking processes and new-world techniques create more authentic expressions of terroir and align with our commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality.

Liv Zak Wines have truly blossomed into a world-class label in its own right. The wines are playful, fresh and vibrant, yet sophisticated and demanding of quality, fruit-driven, textural and complex wines that are perfect to drink now, or to cellar and enjoy in years to come.










Paul de Castella purchased the property from the Ryrie Brothers in 1850 and wine-grape production in Victoria became a growing industry. Many hectares started to be planted of wine grape varieties, under familiar labels such as Yeringberg, and St Hubert’s. Unfortunately, by 1921, the Yarra Valley wine industry was in serious decline and most of the region was converted to cattle grazing pastures. In 1968, Wantirna Estate and soon after, in 1969 Yarra Yering were established. This signalled a rebirth of the Yarra Valley industry and vineyards began to emerge across the region. In 2015, the area processed 1.67 million tons of wine grapes and had approximately 3,000 hectares under vine. Today, the region is recognised as home to some of the best wines Australia produces. It is also one of Victoria’s most important food bowls with quick and direct access to the markets and ports of Melbourne. Stone fruit, apple, pear, cherry, strawberry as well as olive, milk, cheese, beef, lamb, pork and vegetable farms are just a few of the agribusiness activities that thrive in the region.

瑞里兄弟 (Ryrie Brothers)在1837年首次定居该地区,他们将牛群从新南威尔士州南部驱赶到叶琳站(Yering station),并建立了一个17000公顷的农场。詹姆斯,唐纳德和威廉在1838年种植了两种葡萄。尽管养牛仍然是他们的主要业务。保罗·德·卡斯特拉(Paul de Castella)在1850年从瑞里兄弟手上购买了这片庄园。随后维多利亚州的葡萄种植产业发展迅速,并开始在许多土地上种植了葡萄,比较熟悉的 品牌如:Yeringberg和St Hubert’s。但是不幸的是到了1921年,雅拉谷的葡萄酒产业严重衰退,该地区的大部分后来又改成了畜牧。直到1968年,成立了Wantirna 酒庄,并与1969年成立了Yarra Yering,这标志着雅拉河谷葡萄酒产业的复兴,整个地区开水出现葡萄园。2015年,该地区加工了167万吨葡萄酒。葡萄种植面积达到了3000公顷。今天该地区被公认为是澳大利亚出产最好葡萄酒的故乡。它也是维多利亚州最重要的葡萄酒经济发展地区。这个地区可以快速的进入墨尔本的市中心以及港口。该地区发展核果类水果,苹果,梨,樱桃,草莓,牛肉,羊肉,猪肉和蔬菜农场只是该地区蓬勃发展的农业综合企业中的一小部分。






Robert and Irene purchased Warramunda Estate, formerly Warramunda Station, in 2007, after long careers in the local hospitality industry as well as handplanting their first vineyard in the Macedon Ranges. As previous owners of pubs, bars and restaurants, Robert and Irene have a deep understanding and appreciation for quality produce and wanted the wines they produced to reflect this commitment to premium products, made with sustainable practice in mind.





After a childhood spent on her parent’s vineyard in the Macedon Ranges and the Yarra Valley, it only made sense that Liv would take on the family business of winemaking and at the age of 16 she undertook her first vintage at Yering Station. Alongside her budding career as a winemaker, Liv branched out into the Film & Television industry, specializing in special effects make up and worked extensively in Vancouver and Los Angeles. During this time Liv returned frequently to her home at the vineyard and has remained an integral member of our winemaking team.

Liv now manages alongside her parents the Warramunda Estate Cellar Door and is involved in all aspects of the business.



Robert and Irene have a deep understanding and appreciation for quality produce



The driving force behind our talented vineyard team is a passion for sustainability and quality while creating premium wines that truly express the unique and idyllic terroir in which they are made. From harvesting to labelling and manning our cellar door, each member of our team is as crucial as they are versatile and perfectly encapsulate our dedication to creating amazing and well considered wines.





Since 2008 Hamish has worked in some of the greatest wine regions of the world, from Rhone to Burgundy, Tuscany, California, his homeland of New Zealand and now here, in the Yarra Valley. His extensive and varied experience gives him a wealth of knowledge in old and new world winemaking styles and this is reflected in his soulful and elegant wines. Hamish is passionate about cool climate sustainable winemaking and we were excited to welcome him to our team in 2019.





After her time working abroad, Liv was drawn back to her first love of winemaking and is fully committed to the family business. She is currently completing her studies in viticulture, winemaking and business while living and working on Warramunda Estate. Liv is passionate about using sustainable practices to create elegant, vibrant and premium wines that express the unique land on which they are made. 2015 saw the debut of Liv Zak Wines under which Liv has co-made dozens of wines while continuing her education at Charles Sturt University.

奥利维亚在国外经过几年的工作,最终回到了她的初恋—葡萄酒酿造,并全身心的致力于家族企业,她目前在Warramunda 酒庄工作,并进行葡萄酒栽培,酿造以及商业方面的学习。丽芙(Liv)热衷于创造出优雅,而又生机勃勃的优质葡萄酒,并表达出其独特的产地特色。2015年见证了丽芙·扎克在葡萄酒事业上的首次亮相。在此期间,丽芙和其他酿酒师共同制作了数十种葡萄酒,并同时在查尔斯特大学学习。